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Litchi is of Local Importance in South east Asia and specially Grown in India and China. Raw lychee fruit is 69% water, 42% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and contains negligible fat. The raw pulp is rich in vitamin C, having 72 mg per 100 grams – an amount representing 86% of the Daily Value – but contains no other micronutrients in significant content.

India is the second largest producer of litchi in the World after China. Other major producing countries are Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Madagascar and Florida in US.

Among fruit crops, litchi ranks seventh in area and ninth in production but is sixth in terms of value in India. The national average productivity of litchi is 6.1 t/ha, which is much lower than the realizable yield of the crop under well managed condition. The average productivity of litchi in Bihar is 8.0 tonnes/ha. and in West Bengal it is 10.5 tonnes/ha. In other states the productivity is much lower, the lowest of 1.0 t / ha in Uttaranchal.

Among all these areas Muzaffarpur Bihar is Prominent supplier place for the best quality Litchi in India with the World Known Variety of Shahi Litchi which Recently got the Prestigious GI Tagging too.

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