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Terrace/ Rooftop// balcony Gardening
Terrace/ Rooftop// balcony GardeningTerrace/ Rooftop// balcony GardeningTerrace/ Rooftop// balcony Gardening
Terrace/ Rooftop// balcony Gardening

Terrace/ Rooftop// balcony Gardening

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We all are Living beings, and completely dependent on nature and Natural Resources for our existence. Pure air, Pure water, Pure and healthy foods are the gifts of nature for us. Plants and Forests are the vital component of our mother nature to make the purest life. In the current Urban life we are striving hard for the pure air, water and foods because of Deforestations and lack of Agriculture and Gardening Lands, We understand the Gap and making Urban life green With our Terrace/ Rooftop// balcony Gardening Products and Services.

We have Complete ranges of Tools and Supports to utilize your unused spaces in a Green Area with real plantations.

The Benefits of Rooftop Gardening are unlimited but some are below as reference

  1. Decreases Indoor Temperatures to 6-7 Degrees and Subsidizes the Air Conditioning cost
  2. Reduce overall heat absorption of buildings and insulate the building against heat and cold
  3. Increases amount of oxygen in the air
  4. Terrace Gardens are source of highly nutritious clean and easily Getting Organic food
  5. You Enjoy the Taste of Vegetables and Fruits
  6. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
  7. Waste Management
  8. Impact on Mental Health
  9. Act as a habitat for city-weary birds

We are Currently Offering as below

  1. 10 Grow Bags ( Fruit Bag )
  2. 15 Plastic Flower Pots ( 12 inches Each )
  3. Soil Media for Grow bags and Pots
  4. ! Drip Irrigation Kit ( 50 Plants )
  5. Pruning Scissor
  6. Shovel 
  7. One Khurpi/ Trowel 
  8. 10 Fruit Plants
  9. 15 Flowers/Vegetable plants or Seeds
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